"Winnie" CandCane-Adler Family, CO

"Roxy" Purple ​-Christie H. and family, CO

Lime green​-​  Abby B., Maine

​"Rummy"  Pump​kin​-  Madison and Charlie, CO

"Dally" Pink ​- female- Marty and Brit., CO 

"Bo" Camo-  ​Linda B and daughters, CO

"Caymus" ​Fuchsia- Lori S. and family- CO

"Ferngully" White - Aaron & Clair M,  CO

"Moose" Blue/​Orange-  Bill Y. and family, CO

​"Larry Bird"  ​Purp/​blk/wht - Evan R. and family, CO

"Phebe"Red - Nikole and Ryan, CO

​"Shipmate" ​ Yellow- Molly and Matt, CO

​"Snuggles" Teal- Logan M. and family, CO

"LUCY" Hot Pink- ​ Heather R. and Family, CO

"Gracie" Orange-Sagrillo Family. CO