Accepting deposits for our waitlist. Puppies due March 2022

Roxy- Standard Poodle

About Our Doodles

Peyton-  Standard Poodle Sire

Our doodles are raised in our home with lots of love! They are checked by our vet after birth and at 7 wks, including hearing, vision, weight, and overall health.  A health report and record of age appropriate vaccines is given to the new owner. Pups are dewormed at 2,4,6,8 wks of age. Pups are guaranteed for 1 yr from genetic defects. If a genetic problem is detected by a vet, and verified by ours, a replacement puppy will be offered.  At our discretion, the owner will return the 1st pup to us or can opt to keep the 1st pup. The health guarantee is void if puppy is fed poor quality, high-carb food or a food that is not specifically for large-breed puppies, if puppy has been spayed/neutered prior to 7 months of age, or possession has been transferred.   We will stand behind our doodles for life- so if at any time the new family cannot keep the doodle, we will assist in rehoming or will take the doodle back. We want to prevent any of our babies from ending up at a rescue or shelter, or from being resold. 

Our babies are very socialized! They receive scent stimulation and neuro stimulation exercises during their 1st month .This stimulates and teaches their brain to respond well to new activities, reduces stress response, and builds a confident, well- adjusted pup. Each one receives individual attention and time away from litter mates so they are comfortable in multiple social situations.  They are begun on potty training with pads, napping in an open kennel, sleeping 6-8 hrs at night, and being around other larger dogs and kids. 

We do a daily "touch" practice as well. We touch inside ears, clean eyes and nose, pretend teeth brushing, belly rubs, toenail touches, and hygienic area cleaning.  This is to prepare them for normal activities that keep them happy and healthy. They are introduced to grooming basics including clippers/scissors, nail clipping, baths/showers, hair dryers, and clothing. 

High quality food is used for mom during pregnancy, lactation, and to the puppies. It has healthy ingredients, healthy protein sources and quality carbs. Goat's milk puppy formula is supplemented as needed, instead of regular puppy formula, which is mostly powdered vegetable oil.

Parent dogs are health tested for over 175 hereditary conditions, are AKC and/or UKC registered. 

Our  parent dogs and sheepadoodle pups are lavished with love and attention, to ensue a healthy, happy, incredible pet!

Dally- F1 Sheepadoodle

Chickabee- Standard Poodle

Chanel- Old English Sheepdog

Cricket- our newest addition- Std Poodle

Mabel-  Old English Sheepdog

Bella-  Old English Sheepdog