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Our Guarantee

Full time (active) Police/Fire/ Military discount!!

We gladly support those who serve and protect.

To breed a healthy, NON-SHEDDING puppy with an excellent temperament! A puppy that will be smart, loyal,  and one that is well suited for a family with children, the outdoor enthusiasts, or will be  great on the farm or trained for service jobs.

Our Mission

We are the ORIGINAL "Denver Doodle(s)"- established in 2013. Other breeders, or even scammers, at times, use the same name on their websites and facebook pages without our permission. They can then benefit from our long-standing reputation and top online search listings. We are not affiliated with any other breeding program, other than what is described on this website or on our Facebook page. Our facebook page has a PINK thumbnail that says "Keep calm and Love Your Sheepadoodle"....we will be glad to live video chat, and/or talk with you via phone, however is give you confidence that you are interacting with only us.

Accepting deposits for puppies born March 2022.  Wait list fills quickly- so be sure to place deposit soon to hold your puppy pick option! 

Standard size-  adult dog wt- 50-75 lbs       Average life span- 12-15 yrs

Coat type-  Sheepadoodles have hair, not fur. Thus, they do not produce a doggy odor, oils that collect dander, and are NON-SHEDDING!  Most people with dog allergies CAN enjoy being with a sheepadoodle. ( Our sheepadoodle pups have parents that are BOTH non-shedding, so they are a great choice for people with typical dog allergies.) It is a soft, wavy hair  that  needs brushing 3-4 times/wk.

SHEEPADOODLE-  Standard Poodle X  Old English Sheepdog Hybrid cross (F1). This produces a puppy that inherits the desirable traits of both parents. This is referred to as "hybrid vigor." 

The Standard Poodle is known as the 2nd smartest dog breed, some are known to understand hundreds of  words. They are athletic, friendly and historically healthy. 

The Old English Sheepdog is described as clownish, joyful, loyal and attentive. They are protective by nature but non-aggressive. 

The hybrid cross, the Sheepadoodle is a perfect combination of the two breeds. They are very smart, loyal, people-pleasers who do extremely well with children, other pets, and as service/therapy dogs! These doodles are athletic and do great in agility competitions, hiking, and outdoor activities. Yet they are generally calm-natured, snuggly, and also playful. Sheepadoodles typically don't have issues with running off as they feel inclined to "watch over" their place and people. With a loud bark they will alert to anything/anyone strange, but are non-aggressive. They are adaptable to the farm, the family home and yard, and even to apartment living if given daily walks and playtime.

The doodle is a registered breed in several associations, and even the AKC is in process of considering a breed class and standard.  The Sheepadoodle is incredible.....and Denver Doodles is raising some of the best!!! 

Our pups are guaranteed to go home healthy! They are examined by our vet after birth and before going to your home. Health report, deworming and vaccine records provided. If a genetic defect is documented within the first year of life, a replacement puppy will offered. 


Check out our Facebook page for reviews, puppy family posts, and pics of pups as adults.  

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